Welcome to Free Union Country School

A Message from the Head of School

Dear Friends,

Thanks for visiting our web site and taking the first steps to learn about our school. We hope this visit will be helpful as you consider, among the many good schools in our community, where the fit seems right for your son or daughter as they start their journey to a love of learning.

Decisions about which school to attend are difficult to make, especially today with the public debate about standards and competitiveness with other school systems, even other nations. We struggle -- parents, educators, and political leaders -- to know what is right for our children; what will give them the best chance for the future as well as what kind of schooling respects them as individuals living in the present. Is it more school? More content? Keener assessment?

What we do know about education is that when students feel accepted by the adults around them, and when they are allowed to develop at their own natural pace in their own way, children thrive. To force young people to achieve in uniform ways can be the death knell of learning for many.  At Free Union we do not give prizes for the better readers, for example. Why reward one student for being on her learning schedule and ignore another who is also moving along his unique path?

When children are young, they easily can confuse a score they earn on a test with their own fundamental worth. The high scorers are harmed as well as the low scorers, because they gain an inaccurate view of self that is based on the power of comparison and the approval of the teacher. But in elementary school, all children blossom when we buoy their individual spirits.

I believe that when you visit you will find that our students are fully alive. They love school and their teachers. And they move on to middle schools where teachers and administrators consistently echo how well prepared they are.

We hope this web site will convey some of the vitality of Free Union. But nothing will take the place of a visit. So please call us, or plan to stop by any time.